La Grande Cariçaie... yes, but by canoe!

canoeing on Lake Neuchâtel
canoeing on Lake Neuchâtel. © Pascal Gertschen
  • Place

    • Estavayer-le-Lac

Waves lapping, birds singing in the morning: the Grande Cariçaie can also be visited by paddling.

From Lake Neuchâtel, the Grande Cariçaie nature reserve is revealed in a new light. By sailing with a canoe in company of a biologist, the experiences nature differently. No trees or reeds above his field of vision, he embraces the area, and approaches the banks with delicacy to observe the flight of a Great Cormorant, the nest of a Grebe Huppé or the rhythmic swimming of a family of Red-necked Nets.


  • Individual prices

    Adults, with canoe rental

    • CHF 40.-
  • Children (12-16), with canoe rental

    • CHF 15.-
  • Adults, without canoe rental

    • CHF 15.-
  • Children (12-16), without canoe rental

    • CHF 5.-
  • Children und 12 years old

    • Free

Good to know

Good to know
    • From 3 to 21th August 2021
    • Without any guarantee of wildlife observation
    • Accompaniment by a biologist
    • Departure: 9h00, New Beach (Alphasurf), Estavayer-le-Lac, return to the same place
    • Route: Estavayer-le-Lac – Autavaux beach
    • Clothing adapted for canoeing, approach scope (optional)
    • Maximum 8 canoes
    • Parking: chargeable parking spaces (free of charge during the off-season)
    • Accessible by public transport: yes
    • Accessible by car: yes
    • When booking: whether or not you need a canoe




La Grande Cariçaie... yes, but by canoe!
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