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Watt Air Jump Festival

A musical weekend by the water's edge – with plenty of chances to "take the plunge"!

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    • Saint-Blaise

The Festival venue on the beach at St-Blaise, 5 km from Neuchâtel, is extremely popular with summer visitors of all ages. This is an ideal spot to relax and play. Ever since the Festival was inaugurated in 2011, evenings on the beach have rocked to the rhythm of the DJs' mixes.

There's every opportunity to take to the air – as well as the water! Festival-goers have plenty of ways to take the plunge – from an aerial platform, a ramp, or an inflatable; on foot, on roller skates or on a skateboard, or even on a bike. Whether you just come to watch or actually join in, get ready for plenty of guaranteed adrenaline rushes!




Watt Air Jump Festival
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