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Taubenloch Gorge

Gorges du Taubenloch
Gorges du Taubenloch. © Jura bernois Tourisme
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Beautiful gorges between Frinvilier and Biel. The perfect place to relax and refresh.

"We were on the train from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Biel after a stressful day at work. Close to Biel the stop “Frinvilier – Taubenloch” was announced and my colleague spontaneously suggested to hike down the Taubenloch Gorge. I thought that a little hike would just be fine after a busy day at work and so I agreed. The hiking trail led us along the river “Suze” to the entrance of the gorge. At our left, the Suze was calm at the beginning but the further we went into the gorge the wilder got the river. The idyllic hiking trail was surrounded by trees, steep cliffs and caves. We suddenly felt far away from the hectic pace of life, somewhere in the middle of nature. After 40 minutes of hiking, we arrived at the end of the gorge and we we’re quite surprised to find ourselves in the heart of the city of Biel."



Taubenloch Gorge
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