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La Combe Fabet

Combe Fabet
Combe Fabet. © J.C. Wicky
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Due to bad weather, the Combe Fabet is not accessible.

This little gorge meandering between the canyon and meadows is an area of great natural beauty. The Moron mountain, famed for its old-fashioned smokehouse, can be accessed from Perrefitte via Champoz.

This little-known path leads to the pastures of Champoz from the eastern entrance of the village of Perrefitte. This is where a small wild trail begins, winding through a canyon which is a few meters high. The path passes through a dry creek bed, lined with washed-out rocks. Here, hikers can see from the creek's perspective how water has shaped the Jurassic limestone. At the end of the Combe, the path leads to a pasture full of primroses and wild garlic. Continuing along the road, the walker arrives at Champoz, where the famous old-fashioned smokehouse is located.


La Combe Fabet
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