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Animal instinct / Instinct Animal

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The MBAL's new exhibition explores the innate instincts of living beings and questions the links between animals and humans through contemporary art.

Animal instinct / Instinct Animal
Animal instinct / Instinct Animal
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    • Le Locle

The "animal instinct / instinct animal" exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum in Le Locle (MBAL) explores the innate instinct that guides the actions of living beings, while questioning the links between animals and humans through works from the museum's animal collection and projects by contemporary artists. Inspired by Hicham-Stéphane Afeissa's Manifesto for an Ecology of Difference, the exhibition invites us to reflect on our relationship with the animal world and the current issues surrounding biodiversity.

Opening hours
Opening hours
  • From 14 Oct 2023 to 25 Feb 2024
  • Wednesday - Sunday
    • 11:00 - 17:00
  • Prices per person
    • CHF 8.-
  • Seniors, students
    • CHF 5.-
  • Children (up to 16 years old)
    • Free
Animal instinct / Instinct Animal
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